We want to become your healthcare facility’s trusted partner in reducing HAIs, and helping to maintain a safe environment for patients, families, staff, and practitioners. We are capable of providing optimal infection control utilizing containment systems, disinfection/decontamination technologies, and ATP counters in tandem with the development of Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) protocols to: 

  • Minimize outbreak severity

  • Isolate to a controllable space

  • Eliminate potential risk from the area

  • Monitor the effectiveness of the entire strategy

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Today's healthcare, educational, industrial and office environments all present formidable grounds for disease transmission. Facilities such as corporate offices, schools, distributions centers, and healthcare facilities continue to see increases in the spread of infections due to improper housekeeping. We have instituted one of the industry's most comprehensive Infection Control Surface Disinfection and Cleaning System available. The process of aseptic cleaning is the foundation of our companies system. This, in conjunction with the latest cleaning technology, provides the most effective Aseptic cleaning process in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. Some of the latest cleaning processes and technology we use includes:

  • Electrostatic Sprayers, ULV Foggers, Thermal Foggers

  • Microfiber technology in all cleaning cloths to avoid cross contamination and for increased soil and bacteria removal

  • Only hospital-grade, EPA Registered products are used for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting duties to deliver the highest efficacy on the market today.

  • HEPA multi-filtration, high-efficiency vacuuming technology providing air filtering down to 3 microns

  • Strict adherence to the GBAC  (Global Biorisk Advisory Counsel) 6 step Cleaning and Forensic Restoration Protocol.














The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) trained professionals always follow a 6 step protocol for all situations and response activities. 

The six steps of GBAC Protocol are:

  1. Incident Site Risk Assessment- Quality Control

  2. Pre-Disinfectant

  3. Load Reduction

  4. Forensic Cleaning/ Electrostatic Spraying

  5. Final Disinfection

  6. Post Site Assessment- Quality Control

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